Sense of Food – MasterClass — 31 October / 04 November

Food Styling and Photography with world best award winners
Ingalill Thorsell and ilian iliev
Gourmet inspiration and professional tuition, with accommodation in luxury countryside hotel Drakamöllan, Sweden.
Whether you want to explore a new career in food styling and photography or are seeking to improve your existing food styling and photography skills, this master class will arm you with the knowledge to succeed. During the master class you will acquire essential skills, such as working with natural light, styling and propping, composition, postproduction editing and much more. You will learn how to see food differently and develop your own style. Food styling and photography isn’t just about setting up and shooting a fabulous image, it should bring all the senses of the viewer alive. 12The appetite starts with the eyes but truly great food photography makes the food so real and attractive that the viewer feels like they can smell and taste it too. Ingalill and ilian will show you how to achieve this. This master class offers a unique chance to learn food photography from ilian, one of the best food photographers and stylists in the business. He has over 26 years’ experience working in editorial and commercial projects specializing in food styling and photography. Ingalill will contribute her entrepreneurial skills and how to build a brand. ilian has published two cookery books, both of which have been awarded with best in the world certificates by World Gourmand Cookbook Award. ilian has been featured at a number of solo exhibitions throughout Europe; in Sofia, London, Vienna, Thessaloniki, Warsaw, Bratislava, Plovdiv, Moscow, Manchester and St. Petersburg. Ingalill has published four cookery books, all four award winning with a best in the world certificate by World Gourmand Cookbook Award for a cookery book featuring Modern Nordic Cuisine. 13
Location for this materclass is Drakamollan, an old farmstead converted by Ingalill into a small luxury countryside hotel. Nestled deep in the lush beech forests and gently rolling hills of Southern Sweden. Drakamollan provides guests from near and far a world-class experience where no detail is too small, nor overlooked.  All carefully orchestrated to allow each guest to experience Drakamollan’s greatest treasure – an awe-inspiring sense of harmony and serenity that stirs one’s soul.
During the masterclass the participants will have exclusive access to the hotel including kitchen facilities.
World class local traditions and produce will serve as inspiration during the masterclass. One afternoon will be spent exploring eel fishing, soon to be listed as a UNESO World Heritage http://www.hå
The story of how Absolute Vodka conquered the world will give insight into how styling can bring the ultimate success.
Require equipment:
Mobile phone camera, DSLR or mirrorless camera, additional lenses will be advantage, tripod, camera remote switch, laptop, photo editing software will be helpful. You require having a Facebook and Instagram account.
€ 1560     for bookings please contact
Price including: Airport transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, visiting Studioglas Elna Jolom, Eel fishing and Eel Feast, Vodka Absolut factory tour.
Arrange your flight to Copenhagen, Denmark for arrival no late than 2pm on 31st October and we will meet you at the airport.

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